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Saam Theatre Group and London Independent Iranian
Community Arts Association (LIICAA)

Saam Theatre Group was founded in 2000 by Soussan Farrokhnia and Mostafa Shafafi in London and has since continued with its artistic and social activities. 

The aim of this group, which is registered with the British Charity Council, has been to bring together the Iranian theatre artists living outside Iran to develop and preserve the Persian language, promote uncensored and free theatre, as well as integrating within the host country through art and especially theatre.

During its 20 years of activity, this group has achieved:

  • Production of 40 plays in Persian or English or taking part in productions through collaboration with other groups.

  • Running of one or two Learning Through Acting and Drama Workshops each year.

  • Hosted six independent international Iranian Theatre Festivals in London.

  • Being involved in many literary and cultural activities in London.


Sam Theatre Group left the British Charity Council in 2019 and joined a new non-profit non-register group, London Independent Iranian Community Artistes (LIICA).

Sam Theatre Group owes its growth to the sincere cooperation of the previous passionate team:

  • Mostafa Shafafi

  • Elizabeth Mansfield

  • Stephen Trafford

  • Sahba Ljevardi

  • Ramin Goudarzinejad

  • Shahla Mohseni

  • Daryush Rezvani

  • Soudabeh Farrokhnia

  • Manouchehr Hosseinpour

  • Javad Shams 


And the current team:

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