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Mostafa Sahafafi

Mostafa Sahafafi was born on 22 of June 1953 in Iran- Khoramabad and died on 26 of July 2014 in United Kingdom–London.


He was a literary advisor, poet and literary researcher and had years of experience in teaching Persian language and literature. He studied at PhD level in Persian Literature at the University of Tehran and taught at the Teacher Education University between 1988 and 1993. He moved to London in 1993 and has since worked in various areas such as journalism, literary critique, writing, calligraphy and teaching.


Mostafa was a founding member of the Saam Theatre Company in the year 2000, and its 'Adabestan' in 2014. Amongst his literary work ‘From Tokens of Spring to Stone Cold Dreams’ can be named as a book & CD of his poetry collection.

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